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Thunderbirds 2 (CD)

CD: Thunderbirds 2

Uitgever Silva Screen
Jaar 2004
Bestelnr. 0738572060923


  • Main titles
  • Danger at Ocean Deep
  • Spoke city jazz [from "Thirty minutes after noon"]
  • Easy listening radio music
  • Drama on the South East Asia pass [from "End of the road"]
  • Taking a desperate chance
  • Thunderbirds to the rescue
  • Penelope In France
  • Elegance, charm & deadly danger
  • Dangerous game
  • Century 21 march
  • Space observatory 3 space FX [from "The Imposters"]
  • San Martino [from "Path of destruction"]
  • The noon day sun [from "Move and you’re dead"]
  • New York City lights [from "The duchess assignment"]
  • The duchess
  • World exclusive foiled [from "Terror in New York City"]
  • Moving the Empire State building
  • The rescue of Ned Cook
  • Dangerous game
  • Lady Penelope and the mouse [from "The mighty atom"]
  • Journey of the Martian space probe [from "Day of disaster"]
  • Coralville surprise/The bank job [from "Give or take a million"]
  • Christmas on Tracy Island
  • Sleepy time [from "Security hazard"]
  • End titles
  • Flying high (The original unused end titles theme)

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